The King Carpenter “Jesus Christ”

We as Christians, the truth of our Savior Jesus Christ, is both inspiring and revelatory in it’s nature. The point I wanted to touch on is the fact that Jesus came into this world as a working man, an ordinary citizen. The Bible says that Jesus was a carpenter by trade (Mark 6:3)” Is this not the carpenter, the Son of Mary”.

Which signifies to me that Jesus, being the “Son of Man”, yet God in the flesh, chose on purpose to be a builder, to fashion, to construct, to build. This is significant in it’s revelation because it speaks to us in a subtle yet powerful meaning about the posture of a Christian.

You see it speaks of position, ” Before you can rule something, you must first build something ” isn’t that the job of a carpenter? Jesus could have chosen to come into our dimension as “King of Kings” straightway, but being both humble and gentle (Matthew 11:29) Jesus wanted us to learn this dynamic lesson, this divine principle. We must labor in the things of God (John 6:27).

Jesus was a builder in this life before He was revealed to us as our great LORD and King. So beloved take this divine revelation and labor in your anointing. Labor for the kingdom of God, this is the very purpose in which you have been called, selected and chosen.(Ephesians 4:1) Walk worthy of your calling, in Jesus name, Amen!!!


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