Religion or Relationship?

This is a meditation, for the need of a greater relationship with our God and Savior Jesus Christ. May the peace of Jesus keep you forever, Amen

Desire Jesus

Missionaries around the world testify, that even the most remote countries or cultures of the world, still have some form of religion. Whether it be to a sun god, or some sort of vague animal deity, they all seem to posses the seeds of worship. Religion is sometimes shunned by man, others say it is fictional in it’s existence altogether.

Religion, religion, what is religion anyway?

The study of religion runs deep into the very nature of mankind, and we can find answers to this question from the Word of God. Oddly enough the word ‘ religion ‘ is Latin and not from any word that is found in the Hebrew or Greek of the Bible. It is only found (get this ) Four times in our English translation of the Bible Galatians 1:13,14; James 1:26,27.

In the Greek the closest we get to ‘ religion ‘ is the word…

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